Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara Merdeka

In celebration of Malaysia's 50th Merdeka

The album serves to ensure all Malaysians, particularly students, understand the importance of Vision 2020 and the mission they must undertake in materialising the country's goals.

Joy of Christmas

10 track(s) | 34 mins 1 secs

Joy is sharing and when we do, a special feeling of happiness envelopes our hearts and...

Satu Malaysia

1 track(s) | 3 mins 11 sec

Satu Malaysia theme song produced by Limkokwing Sound & Music Design Academy.

Wings to Fly

1 track(s) | 3 mins 37 sec

This song was inspired by the founder and president, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Dr Lim Kok Wing...

Let’s Heal the World

1 track(s) | 3 mins 6 secs

This song was composed, sung and arranged by Limkokwing Sound and Music Design Academy students and staffs...

Suara - Voices from 3 Continents

20 track(s) | 65 mins 30 secs

Musical expressions that tell a story of an unusual campus that celebrates creativity in...

Gem of Africa

2 track(s) | 4 mins 12 secs

This music album presents the uniqueness of Botswana to the world. Botswana, Gem of Africa, the tracks from...


10 track(s) | 45 mins 23 secs

This is an album that carries many views of the world. It is about ideas, expressions and interpretations of...

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